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The Budapest protesters are Soros' dishonest provocateurs in disguise

Forisek Ádám

2018.12.18. 14:00

For days now, MPs from the Hungarian opposition are trying to provoke a conflict with the police in hopes of accusing the Hungarian government of being a brutal dictatorship. Of course, it is all a facade, and even though there is clear evidence for this, the left-leaning media is all too happy to assist the dishonest MPs in their endeavour - showing us exactly what the problem is with mainstream media and leftist, liberal politicians nowadays.

The unrest in Budapest started with a parliamentary obstruction conducted by opposition MPs on the 12th of December.

They framed a law that make it easier for workers to take on extra, payed hours at their respective jobs as a „slave law”. The interesting fact that back in 2015, the entire opposition emphasized that whoever wants to work on Sundays should be able to do so which suggests that

  • their memory is either lacking as of late,
  • or they are unscrupulous liars.

And so the manipulation conducted by opposition MPs was followed by protests, which were curiously built around a clearly distinguishable framework. In short: the protesters are the oppressed, fighting against the oppressors. Therefore they are allowed to fight by any means necessary, but if the „oppressors” stand their ground, it just shows that the protesters are oppressed even more.

Sounds familiar? It should, considering it is a tactic that has been endorsed by left-leaning political agents for many decades now. This narrative is what Marxists used in the twentieth century, and it is what „liberals” have been using as a justification during anti-Trump protests in the USA. The former resulted in millions of deaths, the latter in previously unprecedented vandalism.

Also, it is important to emphasize that what we are speaking about now, is not a „spontaneous” narrative born out of random chain of events. This is a carefully thought out script of how the left should operate in order to grab power. Anyone doubting this is welcome to read Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals by Saul Alinsky, which serves as an all-time favourite for liberal, left-leaning political activists.

And so, the protesters - incited by the Hungarian opposition - are trying to do everything in order to frame the governing party side as a bunch of ruthless dictators. The beautiful thing about this endeavour is, that I do not need to speak one word to show anyone that all of their actions are based on dishonesty, since I will have the provocateurs from the opposition do the majority of the work for me:


Soros emberei mindent bevetnek: provokálnak, erőszakoskodnak, játsszák az áldozatot... ... de Kunhalmi még erre is rárakott egy lapáttal az MTVA-ban. :D Hanggal nézd! ADD TOVÁBB!

Yes, what we have seen here is a ruthless fascist door attacking a poor Socialist MP, Kunhalmi Ágnes. Who knew fighting for freedom can be this challenging?


Hadházy fetrengése: ITT VIDEÓ! ITT AZ IGAZSÁG! Ne hidd el a Soros médiumok hazugságait! A videón jól látszik: Hadházy tiltott helyre akart bemászni, miután ez nem sikerült, többször földhöz vetette...

Here we can see the performance of Hadházy Ákos. What he was trying to do was to accuse the security guards of physical abuse, yet it is quite hard to understand how an MP voluntarily lying on the floor is the fault of anyone else but himself. Hopefully he did not catch a cold!

This is the most ridiculous so far. Remember the picture where opposition MPs lie on the floor with their hands on their heads, as if they are held hostage by soldiers armed to the chin? Well here is what Socialist MP Bangóné Borbély Ildikó is saying in this recording:

If we lie down in front of the steps with our hands on our heads, we could shoot a fucking strong picture.”

Let me repeat it: the MP of MSZP is talking about posing as a victim of police brutality, even though no guards approached them at all, they did not touch them at all, and they did not utter a word to the MPS. What we are seeing here is the opposition lying, acting and manipulating, and they are well aware of this. Of course, this is probably something Lili Bayer of Politico would not tweet about, but it does not make it any less true.

What we are talking about essentialy are political actors who cannot objectively prove they would be living in a dictatorship. So they decided to invoke a play, where they acted as victims. 

Since the whole idea is something out of a kindergarten (and that all of the oppositon MPs are terrible actors), the hinterland of the mainstream media does anything to help their agenda:, Index, and so on. These news sites tirelessly try to frame the protesters as martyrs, but almost always fail to emphasize the aggressiveness and anti-democratic nature of them – for instance, the news sites have no problem what so ever if the protesters spew death threats to pro-government Hungarians.

What is also curious is that these sites (promoting the same exact agenda as George Soros) seem to have issues with numbers as well: usually they write about a crowd of 20 000 protesters, but let’s take a look at a picture that captures the reality of these events.


"Ma 9.758.657 ember nem tüntetett Magyarországon. 5500 Budapesten, és vidéken, igen. Ez 0,05%. Ez a Jobbik, LMP, DK, MSZP, stb! " T.P.

How many are there? 5000 at most? Probably. And the reason they are angry and frustrated is exactly that: they are the minority. They have been the minority for eight consecutive years now in Hungary, and as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump shows, they are being pushed back in other countries as well.

Of course, no matter how loud the minority is, it won’t make them a majority, and it certainly won’t mean that they are right. It just means that they are hell-bent on grabbing power, even though they had their chance during the Hungarian national elections on 8 April – which they have miserably failed to do so.



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