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This is the reason why the Brusselite bureaucrats will never understand the success of Orbán

Forisek Ádám

2019.07.16. 14:05

The bureaucrats in Brussels believe that by branding Viktor Orbán a „far right” leader, they can discredit him. Here is the reason why this strategy will always be destined to fail.

Politicians, who are pro-migration and pro-Brussels, have a tendency to regard PM Orbán as the black sheep of Europe. He is a scapegoat that everybody can point to when things don’t go as planned in the European Union. Of course, that stance is ridiculous and it is not terribly hard to understand why. In fact, all we endeavour to do is, to show you a few pictures.

Here is Viktor Orbán visiting the town Sátoraljaújhely in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county:

His attention does not escape those Hungarians that were forced to live outside of Hungary. Here we can see him in Transylvania:

Notice anything? Yes, both the young and the old adore him. Now let’s see a few more photos.

This was taken at the anointment of a Protestant church:

Honouring the custom of „locsolkodás” (sprinkling) on Easter Monday:

And shaking hands with young football players:

To fully understand the significance of these photos, we need to provide context: Hungary is a historically Christian nation. Although some political parties find this an atrocious claim, but facts don’t care about feelings: a majority of Hungarians (54.2 %) are Christians, as shown by the 2011 census data. It is also important to note that football is arguably the most popular sport within Hungary.

So let us ponder on something.

When was the last time bureaucrats like Guy Verhofstadt, Martin Schulz or Frans Timmermans could inspire such adoration from their people?

Do they have the support of the young and the old? Do they even know what is going on in the countryside of their respective countries? Do they have a clue what goes on in the mind of a villager in Germany, or the Netherlands or in Belgium? When was the last time they honoured any sort of tradition?

Well, the answers will become clear when we look at the numbers.

Verhofstadt’s party (Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats) won only 12 seats in the 2019 federal elections (to compare, the anti-immigration New Flemish Alliance won 25).

The party of Frans Timmermans in the Netherlands, the Labour Party (PvdA) came in as the sixth strongest party in the 2017 elections, with a mere vote count of 600 000 (5,7 %). Before the migration crisis, PvdA received 25 % of the votes in 2012, and was the second largest political party in the Netherlands.

And finally, in our last article, we have already mentioned that the Social Democratic Party of Germany has been crushed under the leadership of Martin Schulz.

In contrast, Fidesz won for the third time in a row with a two-thirds majority in the last national elections.

Therefore, we have finally reached the root of the problem of the Brusselite elite. Here is the formula, and it is a simple one: if you understand and love the people of your country, they will love you back, and vote for you. And if they don’t, you will sooner or later fail – but at least you can still escape to Brussels.

However, if you fail to comprehend the problems and dreams of your fellow citizens, how can you possibly claim to know what is best for every single European citizen?



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