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Orbán: "migration makes the protection of our Christian culture a political duty"

Forisek Ádám

2019.01.12. 12:30

Viktor Orbán held his first international press conference this year on Thursday. During the event, the Hungarian Prime Minister criticized contemporary liberal politics, and also spoke at length about the importance of migration and its effects on European politics.

The first subject of the press conference was about the economic situation of Hungary. As Viktor Orbán pointed out, the GDP growth of the country was as highs as 4,6% in 2018 while the national debt fell to 71% of the GDP. Household consumption expenditure rose by 6, while gross salary pay rose by 11% respectively.

As the numbers show, Hungary’s economy is stable, the country is on the right track.

This was followed by the analysis of the National Consultation regarding families. 1 382 000 questionnaires were filled out, showing that the protection of families and the very subject of demographics is important not only for the government, but for the Hungarian people as well.

Viktor Orbán then went on to emphasize that the elections regarding the European Parliament - which are expected to be held in May - is of utmost importance for Europe.

The elections will give Europeans a chance to have their say on migration, similarly to how the Hungarians got the chance to express their opinions on this issue in a previous National Consultation. Interestingly enough, not one government within the EU – apart from the Hungarian - felt it was important to actually ask the people whether they want immigrants or not.

Orbán made the goals of Hungary very clear for the upcoming elections: Hungary wants an anti-immigration majority in every European institution, including the European Commission, the European Parliament and the European Council.

Migration is not only the primary theme of the upcoming elections – it is a subject which re-evaluates European politics in its entirety.”

As the PM pointed out, the classical categorization of left and right-wing political parties have become obsolete. Today, parties must define themselves according to their relationship to migration: whether they are for it, or against it. Also worth mentioning is, that migration has a great effect on our relationship to Christianity, and our Christian culture. Due to the migration problem the western part of the continent is facing a rise in anti-Semitism, therefore Viktor Orbán believes the protection of the Judeo-Christian culture must become a political duty.

Another key factor that migration redefines, is the question of national sovereignty. As past experiences have shown, pro-immigration governments and politicians have tried to force the anti-immigration states to fall in line and accept „refugees”. The reason this is important to point out is, because regardless of whether these politicians admit it or not, in the near future a clash of civilizations will be inevitable.

As the Hungarian leader pointed out, migration in Western Europe is a matter of how to achieve coexistence with Islam. Fortunately this is not the case in Central Europe, and the goal is to keep it that way.

To do that, one must name the people responsible for this catastrophe: the ones calling themselves „liberal democrats”, and their master, George Soros.

They have been arduously attacking the anti-immigration camp, not just Hungary, but Poland and Italy as well. This is understandable, considering that they are losing the immigration debate, and they have proven to be against freedom of speech, nation states and the fundamentals of democracy.

That is why the stakes are so high in May. It is a chance for the continent to root out the irresponsible, cynical, pro-immigration politicians who did not think twice about ruining the future of our continent.



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